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Children's Feet

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At Footwise Podiatry Group we have a special interest in the growth and development of children’s feet. Common foot complaints in children can range from late walking, uneven shoe wear, heel pain, intoeing (pigeon toes), ingrown toenails, flat feet and verrucae among others. If you have any concerns about your child’s walking, shoe wear, development or stability a full assessment can be undertaken by our podiatrists to identify the source of the problem.

Diabetes Foot Care

A full diabetes foot care service is offered at Footwise Podiatry Group to help decrease potential risk of diabetes related foot problems. During your consultation our podiatrists will undertake a series of tests of the nerves and circulation to determine likely risks of complications linked to diabetes.

Damage to the blood vessels and nerves can occur with high levels of sugar in the body. This may lead to loss of sensation or reduction in circulation to the feet, increasing risk of ongoing foot complications.

At Footwise Podiatry Group we work together with your GP, diabetic educator or other health care practitioner to provide professional advice and treatment to help decrease your risk of foot complications.

Sports Podiatry

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At Footwise Podiatry Group we understand that foot pain can stop you from doing the things you love, whether it is going for a short walk or running a marathon. Increased levels of sports or activity place greater pressure on your feet and can result in pain and ongoing foot and leg problems such as shin splints, heel pain, degenerative joint conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis and muscle soreness. Come into our clinic today for a full assessment, diagnosis and treatment plan that suits your lifestyle. Our podiatrists can also assist you with footwear selection suitable to your foot type and biomechanical profile to help minimise risk of further injury.


The podiatrists at Footwise Podiatry Group can assess you for postural problems, incorrect alignment, abnormal walking patterns and common conditions such as ‘flat feet’ which may contribute to ongoing pain. Treatment may involve change in footwear, strapping, bracing or corrective inserts for your footwear.

Orthotics are inserts for your shoes that assist in foot alignment and function to decrease stress on the supporting tendons, ligaments and boney structures of the foot. Functional foot orthotics can also assist with knee, hip and back pain. Our podiatrists can provide a full biomechanical assessment and provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan and options to suit your footwear choice and lifestyle.

General Foot Care

The podiatrists at Footwise Podiatry Group are skilled in providing a large range of general foot care - ranging from toenail cutting or thickness reduction to debridement of corns and calluses and care of skin conditions. Our highly trained podiatrists can assess and treat the many conditions that may affect your day to day activities so that you can get on with your busy lifestyle pain free!

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The podiatrists at Footwise Podiatry Group are experienced in performing minor surgical procedures at either of our clinic locations. For larger surgical procedures, such as bunion correction, your podiatrist will be able to provide an initial assessment, discuss possible procedures and refer you on to a trusted surgeon.

Nail surgery is a common procedure performed by our podiatrists under local anesthetic to effectively treat an ingrown toenail—a nail that has pierced (or is pressing against) the adjacent skin of the toe causing pain and inflammation and sometimes infection. Surgery may be required when an ingrown toenail repeatedly gets infected, is continually painful or the condition inhibits work, sporting or other activities. Before surgery is recommended, your podiatrist will explore other conservative treatment options.

Home Visits

The staff at Footwise Podiatry Care understand that sometimes it is difficult for patients to come to the clinic. We offer a home visit service when needed for patients who are unable to leave the home. Please call either clinic and one of our friendly podiatrists will discuss home care with you.

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